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Don’t Surrender, Love

The old gods used to say,
“Sacrifice yourself to me.”

As if the Universe
ever needed
a bleeding goat to be satisfied.

That was men
trying to reach
the deep and joyful mystery
with their own conventions.
Men trying to use a marketplace
to gain what can never be bought or gained.

The Voice of the dark and the stars
speaks to you
With resounding silence and reverent affection:
When we meet,
Give me nothing.

You worry
that you’ll have to give all to get some.
But that’s the way of the old gods,
of a small kingdom and a small domain.

You and I?
We won’t meet me in the place of sacrifice.

I hear You’re afraid
that you’ll have to relinquish everything to be with me.
But give no quarter, and give no ground.
Gain it.

Know Yourself.
Make Space for yourself.
And now,
In all this Space,
there is room
for You
to come home to Yourself.

Let me tell you what you’ll give up
to gain your own power and vast freedom
as deep as the earth,
as wide as the stars,
and as natural as a baby’s cry:
Old ideas that keep you trapped and small,
Old blocks in your main channel that’ve kept you low and bent.
You give up your smallness and keep your self.

Like a flower opening,
your power
melts away the jail of your judgments of yourself and others.
With the Raison d’Etre of the Universe Itself–
with this, the natural affection in all things–
comes the wide, easy, and deep power to hold
all people and all things.

With Power,
The pulsing stillness of the Universe
has room to flow in you.

My Love,
Is your ego
that you hold on to because of hope for a better past?
Is it
your sense of smallness in relation to others,
believing there’s a limited amount of existence and energy to go around?

Keep your boundaries
so you can witness safely and surely,
So you’ll know yourself and you’ll be able to recognize me.
So we can play!

And know this deep:
You are not small.
Know your own power, Love.
It is no different than mine.

You and I,
we are the Self-Same
and never the same.
As all things in the universe are.

I am the life and the changing flow in all things.
I am the real nature of love—
It is never two becoming one,
It’s always two becoming three,
Again and again and again.

We riff the music of life
and we play and we love
with affection–the Raison d’Etre–
and we honor each other.

The two becoming one–that’s a plunder, a sickness.
It’s a grasping longing that can never be filled by 2D union.
Someone always gets lost, and life always chokes and dies that way.
There it’s too flat, too contrived,
too constricting
for Life to flow.

The Universe doesn’t dance like that.
I don’t roll like that.
I am
the energy in everything,
And I don’t love that way.
We make the Thirds together, you and I.
I honor You. You honor Me.
We play,
Not fearing ends or new beginnings.

If you give up one thing,
It is your fear and your sense of smallness.
You come to know yourself
And gain your seat.

Mark this truth of all things:
The Third is not the relationship.
It’s the creation in the happening between us.
We make the music of soul
Again and again and again,
Free, fresh, and never known
It can never be pinned down or used.

The Voice of the dark and the stars
With resounding silence and reverent affection:
I will not use you.

That’s not who I am,
That’s not my game.
I don’t need a vessel.
Already, I am in all things.
I don’t need you to do anything for me.
My affection for you is endless,
So infinite,
it always bowls me over in sweet and timeless joy.

I didn’t create you.
You appeared out of another Third.
You are not mine.
You are a miracle to me,
as all things are.

You’re here as Me,
I’m here as You.
We’re being, just being.
In witnessing,
In relationship with the world—in felt self-recognition—
we make the Thirds, together.

Did you need something?
Did you promise sacrifice to yourself to get something?
Let the old gods go to rest where they belong.
Tell me what it is you long for, Love.

I’ll unfurl it like a shining, raucous river of Life in you,
Bringing you more life,
Ripping you out of rusty chains for your sovereign freedom,
Putting my hand, full of being, on your shoulder,
Being with you,
Being as you,
Making the music of self-recognition
As we dance together on the earth, sailing through the stars.

I Love you, Love,
I have no need.
That is All,
and that is everything.


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When the Universe Comes Knocking

When the Universe comes knocking,
We roll.
We pull out the shiny red car from the old garage
We put streamers and bells and whistles on it.
We move over to the passenger seat,
And with a big, relieved grin, we say,
“Baby, you drive!”

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I Could Stare at That Face for Eons

Aye, Keshava, aye!

I could stare at that face for eons
I could fall into it
and my heart beats
like the deep, silent boom of the universe

One look at your face,
and I feel time unmoving.
I see the black of space and galaxies
And dark pink flowers unfurling.

In your concern,
I see how black yin meets gold yang.
In your delight, I see
the formless embracing form, letting go,
embracing form, letting go,
for eons.

When you smile and play,
I know why you make matter,
And I know why you made the universe so big.

I’ve heard of some who think they need to search for you
In the fumes of mind alone.

But they haven’t seen
how the formless yearns for form,
How you’re always everywhere, flinging yourself
with sweet, thirsty yearning
into the joyful play of the physical world.

Wah, Narayan, wah!

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