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Touched by Such Gentleness

Touched by such gentleness,
by the hand of the One in All.
So here. So present. So with me.
As if God Himself marvels at Life in form.

My heart breaks.
I have never been touched like this.
That’s why the magnificence of this stings so hard.

My heart opens and turns to sadness.
Silent, heavy tears roll fast down my cheeks.

The stillness in His touch
Makes my heart crack open
And golden Life begins to pour
Out and then In.


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Pain’s Treasure

Oh Traveler!
You think that pain is your domain alone
And there you are so alone

What you do not know
Is that pain,
bonebreaking, crushing pain,
is a part of being human.

No one can tell where someone has been
on this road just by looking at them or
listening to the sound of their voice.

Ask, Listen, Learn!
Outward appearances conceal whole worlds
in front of your eyes.

You look at all the glit and glitter
And think it denies reality–
But what you do not know, oh Traveler, is that
in the suffering
lies the most beautiful gem of all!

There the World itself
reveals its true and simple nature:
yourself meets Yourself,
The mind realizes its own game,
And suddenly you realize
you were never alone,
never, never, never,
not once!

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Where To Find God

Where do you find God?

What if
You’ve never seen God?

Where do you look?

Call for him in your darkest, most painful moments.
He never fails to come
To the call of your stinging, deep emotion.

Make an image of Him
In your mind
To touch that who is Everything.
Cry on His shoulder.
Laugh with Him.
He is the Friend.

To the One who is Everything,
Faith is meaningless.

Where do you find God?
First, I found him in the most harrowing places.

I found Him in Poetry,
I found Him in Silence,
I found Him in a Child’s Eyes,
I found Him in Gratitude.

I found Him Dancing,
I found Him in a Drummer’s Spirit,
I found Him working the Cogs of Pain,
And I found him weaving the way to Simple, Constant Joy.

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Reaching God on Painful Days

We witness God
By His gentle Mercy.

It is easy to see God on happy days.
But what of angry, fearful, bad days?
What of days when you are in pain?
How to reach God then?

Offer Him your pain.
Bow before His beautiful, radiant form,
And speak your heart,
“Master of All, I am hurting.
You are incarnate everywhere and thus know the Sting of Life.
You are the only One who can relieve me.
I bow before you, and I surrender to you even this,
These hardships you have given me.”

When you bow,
You bow for yourself.
You bow for your own understanding.
You bow to give up what you’ve been holding on to.
God doesn’t need you to bow.
He is the Master of All.

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