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Krishna Kanhaiya

Oh, you’re so lovely I could break!
With all your garlands of soft flowers
your soft and colorful fabrics,
You’re the most approachable form of God.
So gentle, I could cry.

So much love.
So much!

I start to feel it in my own chest,
and Friend,
it scares me.

What if my ego breaks?
My container has been so small,
and now you’re coming to me?
Do you think I can hold That?!

What if
my heart becomes as big as my body,
someone uses me and I’m not safe anymore?
I’m human!

God Most Approachable,
I’m asking you this.

Little soul
wants an answer from Big Soul.

Before I roll out on the town with you,
it’s high time
You give me an answer and
soothe my fearful mind!


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Feeling Your Way to God

Oh! Throw off that grouchy smile!
How you think, and how little, is the key to God.
The Dervishes aren’t thinking.
They’re marinating like kebabs.
Dancers aren’t thinking.
Their hearts and their feet are intertwining.
Drummers aren’t thinking.
Their minds are dissolving in the current of the beat.
Feel your way to God!

In such deep enjoyment…
whose hands are drumming?

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