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An Idiot in a Divine World

I am an idiot walking through a Divine world.

How is it that the world around me
has suddenly become so beautiful?
So full of Soul and Life?

I don’t know.
I never knew.

The grace of the Gods makes my heart break.
Did I know that They were tinkering away
for my vitality,
years before I even asked or knew what I wanted?

Suddenly, the magnitude of all Their small graces
hits me full on
like a train of blooming flowers softly denting me.

They knew without me knowing.
They were there for me years before I asked.

The magnitude of the World’s grace is overwhelming.
The realization burns in my heart like bittersweet honey.
I cry in joy and I weep, helpless, gasping for air.

What They’ve orchestrated is so custom-made, it’s ridiculous!


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Pain’s Treasure

Oh Traveler!
You think that pain is your domain alone
And there you are so alone

What you do not know
Is that pain,
bonebreaking, crushing pain,
is a part of being human.

No one can tell where someone has been
on this road just by looking at them or
listening to the sound of their voice.

Ask, Listen, Learn!
Outward appearances conceal whole worlds
in front of your eyes.

You look at all the glit and glitter
And think it denies reality–
But what you do not know, oh Traveler, is that
in the suffering
lies the most beautiful gem of all!

There the World itself
reveals its true and simple nature:
yourself meets Yourself,
The mind realizes its own game,
And suddenly you realize
you were never alone,
never, never, never,
not once!

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Simple Truths

Nicked bone deep on the edge of Life

In the fire, finding the wisdom of God

Tasting the sharp sweetness of the sting of Life

God’s veil,
The secret to His child-like hide-and-seek game

Finding God in Yourself
Seeing God in the World

Happiness, Peace
Trusting in Yourself
Falling back into the Support of the Universe

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The Beloved’s Deepest Desire

Stop. Look around.
Pause on the road of life.

In doing this,
You fulfill God’s deepest desire in you.
This is the true worship.

the colors of the trees.
the earth in rain.
Breathe in
the striking beauty in cold sparkling white snow.
the Beloved’s message to you in a friendly touch.

Stop. Look around.
Pause on the road of life.

The secrets of the universe in the play of babies,
the Beloved’s blatant love letter to you on a simply smiling face.
with the pearl coy moon graced with its sliver twinkling dimple.

Stop. Look around.
Pause on the road of life.




Affection is the form of worship the Beloved loves best.
You wondrous lover, you!
It’s never one-sided.

Stop. Look around.
Pause on the road of life.

In doing this,
You fulfill the Beloved’s deepest desire.

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Greatness In Love

Greatness, even in success,
is in Love.

Go against the grind,
hard, patient, and gentle!

Does God struggle for success?
See His content, endearing smile?

And what should we do to live a content life?
Trust, and then marvel!

Struggling for God is
An innocent and
mistake of position.

Don’t be fooled!
Remember whose hands your hands are.

For the more we struggle, the more Time
softly steals
the important things from our fingers.

And the more we Love, in all things,
even as we reach for success,
the more we see God in all things.

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A Secret to Seeing God

A man once looked into the cradle of his baby girl.
Her eyes shined with light.
His heart grew wide in his chest,
for the first time in his life.
In her beautiful slate blue baby eyes,
he thought he’d finally found the path to redemption,
away from his angry father,
away from his mother who never seemed to care.

He didn’t know what a mistake he made in that moment.

He mistook this feeling of love
for his own redemption.
He didn’t know what this really was.
This was simply God looking at God.
This was the freshness of God born anew,
as she is again and again and again every day.

As he looked into the baby’s slate blue eyes,
He thought
he could do so many things
to be better,
to be a better man,
to prove to the world
that he was good.

He didn’t know.
He didn’t know the hell born of trying to change the past,
the sickness grown by being a reaction
instead of a steady soul on his own ground.

This well-meaning man made a huge mistake.
He saw God in the eyes of a child,
and he thought he could do things with her
to save himself.

There is no doing.
There is no becoming better
when you catch a glimpse of God in form
and feel your heart expanding like a galaxy.
In that moment, the only wise road is appreciation.

Revel in the effulgence but don’t try to capture it or use it.
The second you try to hold it for yourself,
it’s gone.

Oh, Loved Ones,
here’s a secret of seeing the Divine
again and again and again:
When you catch a glimpse of God in form,
Recognize the expansive feeling in your chest
only as a great and simple gift of the Divine.
It’s not a call to act
but a wonderful invitation to enjoy.

Never mistake a finite form for the essence of God.

Now when you see the light of god in a baby’s eyes,
there’s nothing you should do to keep it,
for you are already good.
The reason you can recognize it
is because you are of the world,
and all the world is God.
God is alive in your heart, too,
and so there is nothing you need to do to be better.

Here, here is your own ground.
Written here
is a secret to seeing God.

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Don’t Be Coy, Keshava

Ai, Ai, Keshava!
Where are you dancing?
Why do I feel like I’ve never danced?

Why do I want this one thing,
But do something else?

I got lost in my mind.
I buried myself in books.
My mind exploded, but
The seed of my heart didn’t grow.

Don’t be coy, Keshava.
Don’t smile and hide for my benefit.
My Soul grows so weary of my young ego.
So don’t torture me with your hide-and-seek game anymore.

Ai, Ai, Keshava!
I’m burning up with need.
I’ve had enough of chasing you,
And getting easily distracted.

Now is the time for my devotion.

To find you in the World,
I open up myself.

I don’t have long—
Only one lifetime.
So Dear One, please,
Help me make it good!

*Keshava is a name for Krishna, a god of the heart and embodied, loving, passionate life.

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