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For A Friend

Remember, when the Universe pulls you in to the black void
it’s pulling you closer to Itself
In these moments,
it is betting that you can survive the dissolution again.
It did it to you the first time
and you answered its call.
You survived. You grew!

You know the fruits of the darkness.
In a flash, old stories are cleaved away
They go up in cold smoke.
Suddenly, after the shattering crash,
the wandering path
turns as straight as God’s ruler,
and you become the lodestone to your own gold.

Remember that you’ve been here before.
Know that this chaos is love pulling you towards itself.

Remember how,
last time,
after you felt into it and listened and breathed,
after you let yourself fall into it and the storm calmed,
the world shone with soft affection
and dazzling vibrancy?
How the green leaves had golden halos
and how the sky was so robin’s egg blue?
Remember how new you felt?
How dazzled you were at the whole world, inside and out?

It will happen again.
After this has passed,
the World will dazzle you again,
this time with so much more stunning color,
this time even steadier,
more eternally here, right now.

You know the tune of the Universe,
you know enough about how it moves.
The Universe is with you.
The Beloved is in you.
And That That Is can never abandon Itself.

It once crashed you in,
and it crashed you in so hard,
now it has to crash you again to bust you out,
into a vibrant, effulgent world of which you have had glimpses
but have never yet found a home in.

It’s here.
It’s all here.
Support and friends are everywhere,
here in this person, this face you’ve seen a thousand times,
this is the Beloved making a form to witness Itself as Itself.
Can you feel this truth in your rawness? In the stunning silence of this moment?

Your tears and shock and indignation now
will lead you to radical, effortless freedom.

I know what you’re looking for.
The Beloved knows what you want.
The Beloved knows because
there is only subject in the world, no object.
There is no separation between the Beloved and the Loved.
You can’t have a relationship with the Beloved,
for you are the Beloved.

Ask and you shall receive?
Remember, time is just a creation of mind.
and it has already been given.
This goes far beyond trust,
for trust happens in time,
in the mind.
Intuit it.
Feel it so deep in your gut
you can see the cozy deep black of space and the shining light of galaxies there.
That is all
have to do.


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