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The Short Guide to Happiness

Pleasant feelings
Rest there and savor
But don’t hold on

Unpleasant feelings
Rouse your courage and your awareness!
Go directly into it!


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Krishna Was A Mama’s Boy

I Say:
“Hey God! Why weren’t you born to bad parents like the rest of us?”
All these boys born to help the world.
Krishna, Jesus, Buddha.
But they were all born to
Mild, idyllic, good parents.

The greatest pain comes from things
that happened when we were young,
and our clinging to those memories.

So God, if you really had guts,
You would have been born into a terrible family.
You could have given the world

A story of how to live well,
In true strength, compassion, and equanimity.
So what gives?

Krishna smiles his coy, bright-eyed smile at me,
And Says:
“I was a mama’s boy.”

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