Deep Cahoots

In deep cahoots with myself,
I meet myself in the world
Again and again and again.

All those cheeky winks and wake up calls
are the dance of my own deep desire.

What a delightful world this is!


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Be All Here

Be All Here.
Don’t think to get ahead.
Don’t think that you know.

You’ll miss yourself.
You’ll abandon your child self.
You’ll forsake your human pain,
And turn away from your heart.

You’ll miss the people around you,
opening a chasm between yourself and others,
Between yourself and yourself.

Be All Here.
Be All Here.
Be All Here.

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Leaving the Old Country

I cry
I look at the God of the Beyond
His face cries to mirror me.
I know what we’re about to do.
Is his crying with me a tactic to coax me to him?
Or is it real?

Packing my bags
Preparing to leave my self behind
I cry.

I don’t want to go. I do.

Are they crocodile tears?
Or are they real?

Packing my bags,
preparing to leave the old country behind,
I cry.

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Touched by Such Gentleness

Touched by such gentleness,
by the hand of the One in All.
So here. So present. So with me.
As if God Himself marvels at Life in form.

My heart breaks.
I have never been touched like this.
That’s why the magnificence of this stings so hard.

My heart opens and turns to sadness.
Silent, heavy tears roll fast down my cheeks.

The stillness in His touch
Makes my heart crack open
And golden Life begins to pour
Out and then In.

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Resentment Thaws

Resentment towards others
Thaws after a long, hard freeze.
It turns into gentleness for myself.

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Life Flowing

The energy of Life flows through me
like a fucking eternal fire.
I’m literally shaking with it,
little, pregnant tremors in my hands and soul.

This is the first time for me.
I don’t know what to do.

I feel the boundaries wanting to snap,
needing to be broken
like a dam of logs in a river.
The water fills up over the brim,
a stick in the dam shakes out.
It’s already broken, already running swift.

Pull me, pull me, pull me!
Float me swiftly with you!
That’s all there is now.
That’s all we can do!

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An Idiot in a Divine World

I am an idiot walking through a Divine world.

How is it that the world around me
has suddenly become so beautiful?
So full of Soul and Life?

I don’t know.
I never knew.

The grace of the Gods makes my heart break.
Did I know that They were tinkering away
for my vitality,
years before I even asked or knew what I wanted?

Suddenly, the magnitude of all Their small graces
hits me full on
like a train of blooming flowers softly denting me.

They knew without me knowing.
They were there for me years before I asked.

The magnitude of the World’s grace is overwhelming.
The realization burns in my heart like bittersweet honey.
I cry in joy and I weep, helpless, gasping for air.

What They’ve orchestrated is so custom-made, it’s ridiculous!

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