Follow Me, Hard

and Surrender

All these are intertwined
On the path to You.
On these golden steps
Live me!
Lead me to you!

A dying man once said:
Follow God, follow Him hard.

What is this life for
Save for the joy and tears in that?
Lead me to You.

Sometimes I tremble in my desire for You.
Ravish me with the vibrant gold of Life.
Blow my mind away with the Silence of the deep, black Universe.

We’re way beyond waiting for permission, Love.
Jump me and roll me across silken sheets in your gentle way.
Show me that it’s safe to forgive.
I’ll dance to you.
Blow warm kisses on my cheeks, and bring me back to myself.

My breath catches.
I’m alive again.
My breath quickens in my desire for You.
My heart is on You.
I’m following You, hard.
Show me the way, Love!


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