The Meaning of Hardship

For every young meeting with the Divine,
There was equal hardship.

Positive and negative,
Existence and non-existence.
One makes the other.

The Universe is a massive explosion
full of heat
and friction,
And there the Divine Plays

It’s a game God
Sets in motion.
This, the whole Universe!

Without hardship,
without the warmth, heat, and burning,
There would be
No motion in the Universe,
And no longing for Life.

Born without the forms of hardship and the grind of friction,
without the warmth and heat,
We would not be
Part of this universe.

See through God’s purposeful game:
We were born to crash and burn and change and play as all
Atoms, stars, cats, planets, and people in this Universe are.

When it’s burning,
it’s just
wanting to see you to see Her a little bit more,
wanting you to join in Her game a little bit more!


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