Burning Desire & Golden Coin

Buying a sparkling ring for your loved one,
You search for god.
Buying a coat to keep you warm,
You search for god.
Buying a one dollar toy to make you happy,
You search for god.

Always in your throat
Is this painful, burning longing

Your longing for god
Is as wide as your desire to rest in him

In your longing, you’ll shoot at anything.
Your arrow misfires at forms.
Things weigh you down,
Like decoy birds attracting your arrow.

Hey, beautiful emblazoned Lover!
In desire so powerful, your vision is blurred!
You’re the one who put out the decoy birds!
Save your arrow to shoot straight through form.

The only coin you’ll ever need
is Golden Surrender.

Here now, everywhere around,
beyond beginnings and ends,
Is the One Thing you always wanted.


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