They Call It Coming Home

They call it coming home
Where were you, oh Traveler?
This home is yours
And god is here.

When you look out the bright windows
And the sparkling sunlight
There, too, is god.

Did you leave your calling card here
So you could remember how to get home?
You went so far you forgot
And had to travel
A thousand paths to return.
But you were never lost
Because there, too,
You were
And so was god.

All this seeking
All this desire
Is for one thing

You’re searching for the stillness
You’re searching for the beauty

You want to see the colors of god billowing in the wind
You want to feel the Beloved passing by on a long freight train

Oh, My Love,
I missed you!
When I come home at last,
You don’t scold me.
You whisk me up, and nuzzle my nose.
“Welcome!” You smile, “Welcome home!”


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